As your personal chef, we want to understand what you liketo eat and our dietary goals. You will meet with one of our personal chefs and tell them what you need.               It's that simple!                 Armed with this information, we will customize menus for you and assist you in 

Your personal chef gets an early start shopping for the freshest ingredients. Once they have made their customary stops to the local grocers and markets they head straight to your home. All you need to do is provide an adequate counter space, working stove, and oven and a place to store the finished meals. Everything is prepared fresh to your specifications in the convienence of your own own

When you arrive home, you will be greeted with the aroma of your freshly prepared meals.                      As you open your refrigerator you will see your meals organized into individual or family-style servings. Each cotainer will be labed with specific heating and serving instructions

Getting Started

Cooking Day

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In-Home Personal Chef Services

Many people in the Phoenix area are turning to personal chefs to prepare them, fresh, delicious, healthy meals. If you are are strugling to find time to cook, or looking for alternatives to the drive-thru window, the Affordable Gourmet can take the pressure off your shoulders and provide delicious meals for you and your family, in the convienence of your own home.

From meal-planning, to grocery shopping, to cooking, to clean-up, it's a valuable Full-Service that brings dinner back home.

Prefer to have your meals delivered to you fresh instead?